Lisbon City Council | Urban Intelligence and Management Center

The Urban Intelligence and Management Center is the department of the Lisbon City Council whose mission is to contribute to the development of an integrated, proactive data-based management culture that promotes efficiency, transparency, innovation and the development of new services to the citizen.

In operation since September 2018, CGIUL's activity is developed through a set of value-based initiatives not only focused on the direct and operational management of the city, but also on the values of sustainability, efficiency, livability, transparency, sharing, participation, governance and others that improve the quality of life of its citizens, including:

  • PGIL - Lisbon Intelligent Management Platform - an integrative platform capable of receiving and handling a large volume of real time data.
  • Implementation of the IOC - Integrated Operational Center - a management room where the intervention of various operational services can be coordinated.
  • Constitution of LxDataLab - Urban Data Laboratory - a cooperative initiative between the municipality of Lisbon and various academic institutions, which allows the development of analytical and data visualization solutions, facilitating decision making and promoting city management efficiency.
  • Availability of data in open format through the Lisbon Open portal
  • Development and coordination of the city's Smart City strategy, promoting integration, analytics and data sharing.


Role within the framework of project implementation

João Tremoceiro
João TremoceiroDiretor / Chief Data
João holds a degree in Biophysical Engineering from the University of Évora and a post-graduate degree in Spatial Planning and Resource Management from Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon. He was responsible for several services in the city of Lisbon and is currently Chief Data Officer and Director of the Lisbon Urban Management and Intelligence Center.
Célia Aguiar
Célia AguiarProject
Célia Aguiar, team member of Lisbon Urban Management and Intelligence Center at Lisbon City Council, where she works as a qualified technician. She holds a degree in Public Administration from the Technical University of Lisbon and a postgraduate degree in Human Resources Development Policies from ISCTE -Higher Institute of Labor and Enterprise Sciences Experienced in working in multidisciplinary teams. She works for Lisbon City Hall for about 20 years in different areas such as human resources management, training, organizational development and finally, Smart Cities and IT. Since 2015, she integrates the team that has been working on the development of the Lisbon Inteligent Management Platform (PGIL) - the city of Lisbon smart city platform, designed from scratch, to support future Lisbon Integrated Operations Center. Working directly with the Lisbon Chief Data Officer, her main responsabilities are system integrations management (PGIL), open data portal management, data quality and data availability management for PGIL, open data portal, Lisbon Urban Data Lab and for several academic projects. Célia is also leading one of the work packages that integrates Sharing Cities European Program (WP4 Urban Sharing Platform), focused on the development of a smart city platform.
Inês Soares
Inês SoaresTechnical
Inês Soares holds a degree in Sociology and a post-graduate degree in Data Analysis for Social Sciences from ISCTE – IUL (Universitu Institute of Lisbon). She is a team member of Lisbon Urban Management and Intelligence Center at Lisbon City Council where she integrates system integration and analytics work groups. She participates in Lisbon Urban Data Lab, a partnership between the Municipality of Lisbon and several higher education and research establishments which creates analytics and data visualization solutions supported in Big Data, aimming to improve planning and operation and emergency management in the city of Lisbon, to contribute to the sustainable improvement of resilience and quality of life of those who live, work or visit Lisbon.
Edgar Gomes Xavier
Edgar Gomes XavierPublic Management
Edgar Gomes Xavier, team member of Lisbon Urban Management and Intelligence Center at Lisbon City Council, where he is technical advisor in management. He holds a degree in Management and Public Administration and a postgraduate degree in public management from the Higher Institute of Social and Political Sciences of the Technical University of Lisbon. Edgar has about 20 years of experience in various areas of Lisbon's municipal services, ranging from territorial coordination, municipal property management, support to the presidency and city council services. His main skills are in the planning area, including project management. He was a consultant and advisor at Santarem City Council, particularly in public tendering process and he also was trained in government procurement and public procurement for goods and services. Edgar has academic research studies published in Portugal and Spain related to urban and territorial policies, about spatial planning and the participation of citizens in this decision-making process.