NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS) is the School of Statistics and Information Management of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. It was founded in 1989 in response to a large number of graduates who specialized in Information Management and the growing need for the use of new information technologies.
Today NOVA IMS provides education at the highest level to more than 1700 students including undergraduates, post-graduates, masters and PhD degree students.
NOVA IMS’s strategy for the medium term is to develop and expand its current academic and scientific projects whilst at the same time maintaining its values and strategic guidelines. The group of strategic components referred to as medium term objectives is wide and combines excellence in teaching, learning and research. It also includes a strengthening of partnerships with the community and the business world, improving the quality of students at entry level into our courses, creating a work environment which is motivating for all our employees, with a policy of continuous improvement management of NOVA IMS.
NOVA Cidade is a network of people and organizations, promoted by NOVA IMS - Information Management School, representing the various agents and interests that constitute and lead the construction of the smart city, which collaboratively develops a set of activities aimed at promoting the creation and transfer of applied knowledge information in the context of urban intelligence, namely:
  • GOVERNANCE - Embracing the challenge of smart cities as a model that can create an enabling environment for more effective and efficient governance;
  • PARTICIPATION - Promote more active citizen participation, based on the use of information and communication technologies and taking advantage of advanced analytical capabilities;
  • URBANISM - Achieve sustainable urban development with economic, social and environmental benefits.



Role within the framework of project implementation

Miguel de Castro Neto
Miguel de Castro
Miguel de Castro Neto, Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS), New University of Lisbon, where he leads AD NOVA IMS, Association for the Development of NOVA IMS, coordinates NOVA Cidade - Urban Analytics Lab and directs the Postgraduate in Smart Cities. He was Secretary of State for Spatial Planning and Nature Conservation in the 19th and 20th Constitutional Governments of the Portuguese Republic. Smart Cities Personality of the Year (Green Business Week 2017 / AIP Foundation). He is the founder and Vice President of Data Science Portuguese Association, coordinator of the Cities and Spatial Planning Group of the Platform for Sustainable Growth and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Terras Sem Sombra Festival. He is a founding partner of Agriciência, Consultores de Engenharia, Lda. Develops his research and teaching work in Business Intelligence and Smart Cities.
Pedro Sarmento
Pedro SarmentoNOVA Cidade
Pedro Sarmento is a researcher at NOVA Cidade - Urban Analytics Lab. He holds a Ph.D. in Information Management - Geographic Information Systems and his main research scientific areas are related with smart cities, location analytics and remote sensing. Beside his work in private and public institutions he has a rich background in research, having published several papers related to geographic information systems, land-cover mapping derived from remote sensing satellite images and as a speaker in international conferences dealing with spatial accuracy, remote sensing and geographic information systems.
Ana Mouro Gomes
Ana Mouro GomesExecutive
Ana Maria Mouro Gomes, is Executive Manager of NOVA IMS. She holds a degree in Agricultural Engineer from the University of Évora and a postgraduate degree in Project Management. She was an office member of the Secretary of State for Spatial Planning and Conservation of Nature in the 19th Constitutional Government of the Portuguese Republic. She is an EU expert in external assistance modalities delivery to third countries, with professional experience of over 20 years in developing countries, in project management in the areas of institutional support. Ana has professional experience in managing multidisciplinary teams, organizing seminars and training, as well as in project evaluation and results monitoring (ROM), she has also specific professional experience in nature conservation and conservation. spatial planning integrated rural development and institutional support in the areas of health, education, justice and EU external assistance to third countries.